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Presenting Speedi Coach:

Nayana Prakash

Competitive Swimming - Developmental / Competitive

I am Nayana Prakash, an assistant Swim Coach at SPEEDI Competitive Swim Team. I have been involved in swimming most of my life, as I started learning how to swim when I was four (4) and began my competitive swimming journey at 7. I have won medals in both State and National level Meets in India. During my Junior year, I was once among the top 8 swimmers in the country to be part of the National Team for both Aquathlon and Triathlon.

My passion for swimming has led me to be a part of it by coaching young swimmers, and I firmly believe that every child should know how to swim, as it is a significant life skill. Therefore, I hope to impart valuable swimming skills and techniques to athletes at SPEEDI Pre-Competitive level (aka Developmental Squad) and help swimmers work towards achieving their goals passionately.

Indeed, it is an honor to be coaching at Speediswim. SPEEDI Competitive Swim Team has an elaborate pre-competitive swim program that will ensure the swimmers have all the required skills they need to succeed to the next level. My role in the team is to help prepare the young swimmers for the competitive world of swimming.

“For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks - not that you won or lost But how you played the Game.”
― HENRY GRANTLAND RICE, American Sportswriter

To add further, I would like to say success is about getting up one more time when you get knocked down. You will fail more often than you win. It is up to you to overcome all the difficulties and challenges in this journey. Ultimately, success is what all of us want; we all want to win and work towards winning every race.

So come on, get up, swim faster with us, and dare to dream. You can do it, and most importantly, do it for yourself.

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