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Presenting Speedi Coach:

Lee Thin Cheong

Water Polo - Learn-to-Play, Competitive and High Performance

Water Polo first started in Singapore with the concept to better utilize our youngsters' time. It quickly evolved into a national sport piqued the nation's and its people's interest in celebrating victory at international competitions. Singapore has been the SEA Games water polo champ for the past 52 years.

Being a veteran of Singapore Water Polo, I was the former Assistant Secretary-General for Water Polo. I played Water Polo for Singapore in the 1979 and 1981 SEA Games. Besides coaching in Speediswim, I have served as Singapore Men's National Water Polo Team Manager since 2014.

To cultivate young talents and impart my skills and knowledge, I aim to develop young players of age 7 to 16 years old. I correct their swimming strokes and build up their fundamentals for water polo. The most rewarding aspect of being a coach is seeing them grow in a positive athletic environment, which Speediswim nurtures.

My aspiration for the young team in Speediswim is to build the strongest 12 and under team in 2 years.

“Take charge of the tide. Be the current to change the course of the storm.”
― Hiral Nagda

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