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Children Swim Class

Joey started her 1st Swimming class with Speediswim in Nov2018. She used to be afraid of water but not anymore. All her coaches are experienced to handle kids and truly dedicated in coaching her. They have help her to improve her strokes and breathing. She enjoys every lesson and looks forward to her swimming class every week. SPEEDISWIM is able to provide dedicated attention to each and every student. I will not hesitate to recommend them to any kid who wants to start swimming.

Parents of Joey Lim

My 2 kids started being a part of the SPEEDI Swim school family 5 years ago. The coaches there are professional, patient and friendly. They will do their very best to coach my kids without fail & will provide feedback when necessary.

All SPEEDI Swim staff were equally patient and professional. Ouida & Wanie are always patient with my requests to arrange make up classes for my kids when the situation arises. Even though the dates and timings were seemingly confusing at times, they both remained positive and patient with me no matter how busy they are.

Even during this Covid situation, they worked very hard to plan for the online classes during the CB just to make sure our kids are continuously “working out” at home. Even after CB, they make sure that our kids abide to safe distancing etc etc so that classes can go on as usual.

I’m very thankful for everyone at SPEEDI Swim school. My experience with them couldn’t have been this great without their dedication and professionalism. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Parents of Caitlin and Cayden

Amelia and Darius have been with Speediswim since 2016. They’ve given both of our kids precious lifelong gift of water proficiency and safety.  They even unlock my kids’ potential in competitive, building confidence and a strong personality.

Thank you to all coaches Aziz, Derrick, Gin Yu, and Oggar. Ever patient individuals, equipped with competency in imparting their skills. My kids enjoyed their lessons.

Parents of Amelia and Darius
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Aquatic Sports Training

Jaden joined Speediswim Competitive Swimming team under Coach Siarhei in Apr 2018, thanks to the recommendation of another parent, Kelvin. At Speediswim, it’s not just a focus on the kid’s strongest stroke. We could see that Jaden’s timing improved for most of his strokes. Coach Siarhei keeps the kids engaged through different interesting methods of training which he often shares on Instagram. With Covid, parents are not allowed into the training areas so at least we have an insight to the training regime of our kids. During the Covid period, Speediswim conducted online training through zoom meetings and actively look for venues for the kids to continue training. There were also a couple of competitions that Philip fought hard to convince the Swimming association to allow the kids the opportunity to compete and in a safe manner. Coach Siarhei will give the kids a target that he thinks the kids can achieve. He also worked hand in hand with parents and provide feedback on areas of improvement for the kid. We are thankful to be part of this team. One of the most memorable competitions was the RBSC 2019 held in Bangkok where the parents and kids grew closer as we were given the chance to know each other better and cheer on the kids. The parents are helpful and always keep a lookout for other swimmers. I hope we will have more opportunities to mingle with the other parents post Covid, like we used to.


Chloe joined Artistic Swimming in 2019 after hearing it from our neighbour, Haley’s mummy who is also in Synchronised Swimming. She went for the trial class at one of the open house and she enjoys the class. Coach Katya is a friendly and patient coach, always giving her a lot of encouragement. Chloe always have interesting stories to share about her training and mini competitions and that the girls are very nice and caring to her. The parents are also very helpful, especially Rachel. Rachel often reaches out to encourage Chloe to take part in the various competitions. She and the other mummies put in a lot of time and effort, especially during the competitions to make sure it’s a success. I remembered I was so overwhelmed at Chloe’s first competition. The other parents stepped up and helped with the logistics, the hair and makeup for Chloe, which I was very thankful for. We are indeed very blessed to be part of the Speediswim Family.

Parents of Jaden and Chloe

Swimming benefits Tisha tremendously. As a Competitive Swimmer with SPEEDISWIM, Tisha is learning about the biomechanics for all four strokes, the drills and exercises for developing different body muscles to swim them, as well as receiving coach's comments on how to improve her swim. An excellent programme that equips her with theoretical knowledge that directs her swimming


Parents of Tisha

We have been with SpeediSwim for more than 4 years under the competitive squad. Am happy that with the care and encouragement from team SpeediSwim coaches and management, my son’s passion for swimming is still going strong. Philip and Ouida have always been very accommodating to his swim schedule when there are competitions ongoing.

Coach Siarhei is very much like a friend and “big” brother to my son in imparting the finer swim skills required for competitive swimming. Recently my son is a part time coach at team Speedi which by his actions shows a nurturing environment where older swimmers are able to contribute back to the family of SpeediSwim

Thank you SpeediSwim !

Parents of Brennen
Aquatic Sports Training Testimonials

Adult Swim Class

Dedicated pool to practice and learn in privacy. Very friendly and easy-going instructors. Will teach you at your own pace. Always look forward to my swim sessions here. Highly recommend!

Isaac Teh

I first started looking for swimming classes online, and have liaised with different swim schools. Yet Speediswim remained my first and top choice. They responded fast, advised me on class size, structure and had even had a flexible payment for a young adult like myself to allow me to join their classes. Speedi accepts all kinds of student, regardless of their ability and background. And this aspect itself sets them apart from everyone else. Coaches are extremely encouraging and strive to understand your difficulties before providing you with advice related to simple exercises or practice sets you can incorporate to allow you to swim more efficiently.  I was a beginner and could not swim further than 15m in 2018.  Today, I can swim 3 different strokes, without requiring much supervision and am currently learning butterfly. I do not regret my decision, nor will I join other clubs in future. I foresee myself going far with Speediswim. Special s/o to Coach Siarhei and especially Coach William for always going above and beyond for your students, even more than your normal working hours just to make sure us adults fully understand! I would not be where I am today with your encouragement, support and awesome teaching styles that simply just fits me and allowed me to progressively improve. Love you guys, forever and always!


My name Edy. Taking this oppurtunity to share my experince with Speedyswim. I am starting my swim class with no swimming skill, to put it in more nice context i am beginner and now i am more confident in swimming and at least can complete 1 lap of swim without any issue. Proud to have this archiement of course this with tremendous help from Speedyswim coach which always explain the basic with detail explanation and practise. Lastly i am recomending Speedyswim as one of the good place to learn how to swim.

Edy Ali
Adult Swim Class Testimonials
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