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Adult Swim Class

Dedicated pool to practice and learn in privacy. Very friendly and easy-going instructors. Will teach you at your own pace. Always look forward to my swim sessions here. Highly recommend!

Isaac Teh

I first started looking for swimming classes online, and have liaised with different swim schools. Yet Speediswim remained my first and top choice. They responded fast, advised me on class size, structure and had even had a flexible payment for a young adult like myself to allow me to join their classes. Speedi accepts all kinds of student, regardless of their ability and background. And this aspect itself sets them apart from everyone else. Coaches are extremely encouraging and strive to understand your difficulties before providing you with advice related to simple exercises or practice sets you can incorporate to allow you to swim more efficiently.  I was a beginner and could not swim further than 15m in 2018.  Today, I can swim 3 different strokes, without requiring much supervision and am currently learning butterfly. I do not regret my decision, nor will I join other clubs in future. I foresee myself going far with Speediswim. Special s/o to Coach Siarhei and especially Coach William for always going above and beyond for your students, even more than your normal working hours just to make sure us adults fully understand! I would not be where I am today with your encouragement, support and awesome teaching styles that simply just fits me and allowed me to progressively improve. Love you guys, forever and always!


My name Edy. Taking this oppurtunity to share my experince with Speedyswim. I am starting my swim class with no swimming skill, to put it in more nice context i am beginner and now i am more confident in swimming and at least can complete 1 lap of swim without any issue. Proud to have this archiement of course this with tremendous help from Speedyswim coach which always explain the basic with detail explanation and practise. Lastly i am recomending Speedyswim as one of the good place to learn how to swim.

Edy Ali

Excellent instructors. Coaches are friendly and professional. They are experienced and are proficient in guiding me. Swimming lets me chill and relax. Recommended!

Nang Yoke Wen

Mr. Philip Lee is an outstanding Coach, very well qualified. he is able to impart swimming knowledge that is easy to understand . He teaches in steps according to your pace in learning, he adjusts accordingly. He teaches so I could achieve muscle memory to execute the strokes to achieve good level of effectiveness and efficiency in water. He is very patient and pushes in a positive motivating way when needed.

Philip is the best Coach for anyone who is keen to learn swimming or to improve your swim stroke. he is master in sports science and swimming. with these, he has imparted similar standards of quality in his school of coaches, some of the school coaches have worked together with him for years. Truly remarkable !!

Bryan Loo

Started in 2019, February. Motive is to learn frontcrawl Swimming as I had an imbalanced hip to do breaststroke.My coach is Siarhei. He is a great coach as he knew how to guide me without doing too much.😊As I kept going overseas now and then, my improvement took time. But he was always patient, cheerful and gave me practice to my ability. Luckily I stuck on, I can do front crawl now which was actually a near impossible after years of swimming breaststroke.After the COVID lockdown was lifted, coach Philip came into the picture who seems to have a great knack in fine tuning my strokes. He is very alert ,systematic and full of humour. Lots of technical knowledge 😊Highly recommend SPEEDISWIM for their great patience, cheerfulness and systematic approach in the art of swimming.👍🏼

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