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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my child to complete 1 level?

SPEEDI Learn To Swim program has total 7 levels, progressively develop individual swimming skill ability from a non-swimmer to a highly competent 6 strokes swimmer. Each level is designed on a Term basis, with 16 to 18 weeks lessons.

What is the difference between your in house assessment and SwimSafer test?

SPEEDISWIM in-house assessment and certification provides a progressive Swimming skills learning for our student as their journey their Learn To Swim with us. SwimSafer program is a National Swimming Award to recognise swimmer with ability in water survival, swimming and basic lifesaving skill.

Do you have SwimSafer test?

Yes, we do.

Is there a difference in rate between weekdays & weekends?

No. The fees are the same rate for Weekdays and Weekends

How do I book make up lessons? Can I walk in for make up class on the spot?

You can book make up lessons with us via WhatsApp or at the Swim School Counter 2 days prior to your preferred day and time. Make-up session is based on slot availability.

What happens if my child can’t turn up for lesson?

You are allow to reschedule your child’s class beforehand, at least 6 hours in advanced, in order to entitle for a Make-up session.

What happens if I want to stop my child’s swimming lessons in the future?

Do notify us 1 month in advanced prior to the expiry of current fees payment made, so that we can check for any outstanding lessons for you to complete within the valid period, before we deactivate the swimmer's SPEEDI membership. Lessons (outstanding or make-up) can only be consumed if SPEEDI Membership is ACTIVE as a current paying member.

Do you have Trial class for new registration ?

Yes, we do have a Try-Out lesson for new sign-up. The trial class is charge at $50 per student per session. This fees paid can be offset from the required fees payment of actual class, once the student registered into SPEEDISWIM program. Term and Condition apply.

Click for the Trial Class sign-up:  https://www.speediswim.org/enquire/

Is there a Registration Fee to join SPEEDISWIM program ?

New member is required to pay a One-Time Registration Fees to participate in SPEEDISWIM lesson and training; fees made is Non Refundable and Non Transferrable, as this is not a deposit fees.


What are the timeslots available for weekdays and weekends?

The schedule at our 3 venues are different. In general, lessons and trainings on Weekdays are held in the evening, while lessons and trainings on Weekend are conducted throughout the day at the Orchid Country Club (OCC), except Singapore Sports School (SSP) and the German European School Singapore (GESS) with some minor differences. Do contact us for the detailed schedule of the venue of your interest.

Will My Child's Swim Class Or Training Be Affected By Bad Weather?

No and Yes, @Singapore Sports School and @GESS we have a covered indoor pool, you can swim even in a thunderstorm; thus, Rain or Shine. No workouts need be ruined by bad weather.

Whereas @Orchid Country Club, the pool is an outdoor pool and hence the Swim Class will be stopped if there is an alert for lightning and thunderstorm, But we have a Land Training program especially designed for a situation like this.


Yes, Make-up and Replacement class can be arranged for Learn To Swim program any day of the week, But due to the New Norm of Rules and Regulations due to COVID-19, there are limited slots available for booking a Class, so please contact the SPEEDISWIM Admin and make a booking for your child

Aquatic Sports like Competitive Swimming, Water Polo, Artistic Swimming and Underwater Hockey , is  not eligible for make-up classes.

Can I Get Refund For Payment Made?

No, Once the payment has been made for any Swim Class or an Aquatic Sport, SPEEDISWIM has no Refund Policy. How payment made is not refundable nor transferable.

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