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Presenting Speedi Coach:

Hana Song

Artistic Swimming - Developmental / Competitive

I wake up every day looking forward to being at the pool, diving in, and swimming freely like a mermaid. As an Artistic Swimmer, I have enjoyed meeting other swimmers from all parts of the world. I also get to understand different cultures and learn and exchange skills, creative routines, and techniques, which serves me well in my journey as an Artistic Swimming Coach.

As an athlete, I was a former member of the Junior National Synchronized Swimming Team (South Korea) before being selected to the National Team of South Korea (Synchronized Swimming).With a Bachelor of Physical Education conferred by the Korea National Sports University (Seoul, Korea), I decided to take on a career as a Professional Coach in Artistic Swimming.

My coaching journey in Artistic Swimming began with YC Synchro Club (South Korea) followed by North Habour Synchro Club (New Zealand) before joining SPEEDISWIM in Singapore. I am currently heading the Developmental Team of SPEEDI Artistic Swimming, taking on the role of Assistant Head Coach in bridging many potential young students towards the SPEEDI Competitive Artistic Swimming Team.

As a Coach, my commitment to my athletes is to be patient in guiding every swimmer to appreciate the beauty of Artistic Swimming, showing and teaching them the gracefulness and elegant movements of this sport. With the desire to grow and develop strong athletes and personalities, my sincere hope is that all athletes will use what they learn in Artistic swimming and carry it over to their own lives.

My dream…
To have athletes who fearlessly face life and remember their team with LOVE.

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