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Presenting Speedi Coach:

Joanne Wong

Artistic Swimming - Little Mermaid

I started Synchronised Swimming with SPEEDISWIM when I was only 11 years old and have competed in many local and overseas competitions since 2013.

As a student-athlete, I still participate actively in the Artistic Swimming competition in the Open category, with my devotion and passion for the sport. At the recent 2021 Singapore Open Artistic Swimming Championships (Virtual Competition), I won the Bronze Medalist in the Open Solo event.

Currently, I am an Artistic Swimming coach for the Little Mermaid program in SPEEDISWIM. Girls as young as 5 years old can start to pick up Artistic Swimming while enjoying the fun and beauty of learning a new sport as a Pre-schooler.

I grew up in the SPEEDISWIM family as an athlete and progressed to coaching the next generation of Artistic Swimming. I firmly believe swimming is a crucial life skill, and artistic swimming is an excellent outlet for artistic talents and building a well-bonded community of teammates! The sport boasts a combination of graceful, coordinated movements with colourful costumes, make-up, and music; indeed, a show delighting all senses!

I love seeing our girls gain water confidence while executing elegant, sharp skills, all while having fun in the water! It is always a joy to see girls develop friendships beyond the pool and become friends for life.

Join the Speedi Artistic Swimming family! You definitely won’t regret it!

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