Swimming beyond the four strokes, has groomed many Aquatic Sports athlete in SPEEDISWIM to becoming a Competitive Swimmer, Water Polo Player, Artistic Swimmer and (or) a Life Saver.

Learning how to swim beget freedom in the water, removes fear in a water environment, and a journey towards many aquatic sports learning, from recreational to competitive.

SPEEDISWIM with more 15 years track records in various Learn To Play (Aquatic Sports) program has successfully produce National Youth and National Team athletes representing Team Singapore in Competitive Swimming, Water Polo and Artistic Swimming.

In the “MAKING OF DREAM COMES THROUGH…” for our Aquatic Sports athletes, SPEEDISWIM provides an Elite Athletes pathway to ensure success are achievable with positive efforts and hard works demonstrated by the athlete:




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The ability to do well in sports has also help student study better, improves concentration, problem solving, and memory. Sports build character as one develop the following traits of a good sportsmen:

  1. Team Spirit
  2. Leadership skills
  3. Fair-play
  4. Never give up
  5. Great leveler
  6. Focus
  7.  Strength and abilities
  8. Process and result
  9. Planning
  10. Earnestness and sincerity
  11. Observation and analysis


Discover the following Aquatic Sports in SPEEDI:

  • Competitive Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Artistic Swimming
  • Life Saving