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Underwater Hockey is a great sport for all ages, shapes and sizes

Because of the environment it is played (underwater), you do not have to be naturally athletic to be good at underwater hockey. Using a mask, snorkel and fins means you don’t even have to be a good swimmer!

Most of us started playing underwater hockey for fun. Everyone plays on the same evening, regardless of proficiency, so the social side of the sport is terrific.

It's easy to get hooked though. If you have a competitive streak you'll find underwater hockey to be among the most tactical and demanding of sports.

Either way, you’ll find that your fitness level goes through the roof. Your water skills will improve too – you’ll be more comfortable in the pool or the ocean than ever before.


SPEEDISWIM x Underwater Hockey

SPEEDISWIM has been integral to the development of Underwater Hockey in Singapore.

Harking back to the early days of the sports’ development in Singapore, SPEEDISWIM’s founder (Philip Lee) was instrumental in bringing Stirling Underwater Hockey Club under the Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF) framework, when he held the position of Vice President (UW Sports) of the SUF.

More recently SPEEDISWIM partnership with SUHC extended to the sourcing of suitable pool venues for Singapore’s Elite Women's team preparation for the 2019 SEAGames campaign. This eventually led to the Women's team clean sweep of the 4x4 and 6x6 Gold Medals in Manila, Philippines.


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UWH Grouping

Development (UWH)

Bored of swimming laps? Aching for a team-based aquatic workout with a fun-loving bunch?

Underwater hockey is a fun, exciting and safe sport that you can play from the age of about 8 until well into your 60s. It’s the fastest, non-contact, team water sport around, combining speed, skill and teamwork in a way that you simply don’t find in other games.


Join our Underwater Hockey Introduction Program to learn more!

Competitive (UWH)

Looking for something beyond your competitive swimming career?

Think you have what it takes to keep up with our 4x Gold Medal winning SEA Games squad?

Join our Elite Underwater Hockey squad for a unique breath-taking, team-based workout!

Keep fit, have fun, and compete with our Elite squad in exciting national, and regional tournaments.


UWH for Youth

We welcome ages 8 and up to join our youth program.

Youths will be taught basic snorkelling techniques, sculling drills, and stick work. These will enhance their comfort and agility underwater – all the while having fun in a team-based setting!

Benefits of Underwater Hockey

Great Cardio Vascular Workout

Underwater hockey is an excellent way to stay in shape. The constant swimming underwater (more resistance) will improve your cardio as well as your stamina. You will also strengthen your core muscles, like your abs and back playing this game. This game is also very fun and unique, we guarantee it is unlike anything you will ever experience!

Lower Risk of Injury

Underwater Hockey is a non-contact sport played underwater and there is a big reduction in the amount of strain that your body is subjected to, versus land-based or water-based contact sports. For this reason, we have several players who started Underwater Hockey because they had to give up their land-based sport due to injuries.

Improve your Mental Game`

Underwater Hockey incorporates mental discipline alongside breath training.

Experienced Underwater Hockey players are known for their mental strength and mastery over their ability to activate their ‘mammalian diving reflex’.

This achievement of a ‘relaxed state’ while being physically active, decreases oxygen consumption through a conscious effort to reduce heart rate, making you more efficient underwater.

Great Sense of Community

The best thing about Underwater Hockey is the sense of community. No matter where you play and at whatever experience or level, you will makes heaps of friends and have a whole lot of fun, in and out of the water.

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