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Water Polo is a team sport within the swimming pool. Much like soccer, players score by putting the ball into the goal. Players have to constantly swim and tread water throughout the duration of the game, keeping their heads above water in order to watch the game progress. A team of water polo players consists of 13 players. At any point in time, six field players and one goalie are allowed in the water. Because the ball sport is played while swimming, it develops quick reflexes, and an awareness of space and the use of that space in the pool.  The sport builds up strength, stamina, and a combination of swimming and ball-handling techniques. Players will learn water polo skills, game strategy and teamwork. It is a popular sport with the boys who have moved up from our Learn-to-Swim classes.

  • Our team of  coaches teach with a firm – yet nurturing – way
  • Every lesson with Speediswim provides an extensive physical workout, which aims in building the child's strength, flexibility, and coordination, furthermore enhancing your child's cognitive capabilities.
  • Best of all, the olympic sized pool is a covered pool, you can swim even in a thunderstorm. No workouts need be ruined by bad weather.


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Water Polo Grouping

Developmental Water Polo Team

Water polo is a high-energy team sport that requires endurance, stamina, and intermediate swim skills.

Players are taught basic ball handling and shooting techniques. They are taught to adapt their swimming strokes so that they can see and hear the game. Strokes that considered good for water polo is bad for competitive swimming.

Also unlike competitive swimming, water polo is a team sport. And individual sacrifice for team success is expected.

Performance Water Polo Team

This class trains players at a competitive level for participation at national tournaments and inter-school leagues. The players undergo more frequent and intense training sessions with Coach Djordje.

Some of SpeediSwim’s water polo players are on the national youth team. They get to go overseas and return with experiences that enrich them for the rest of their lives.

Water Polo for Girls

Benefits Of Water Polo

Team Sport

In comparison to swimming, you rely heavily on your teammates throughout the game, resulting in an excellent team bonding activity. Since you are just as good as your weakest link, you will have to work together towards their goals. Thus, it is necessary for them to plan out their strategy together and execute it to overcome their competitor.

Mannerisms are learned by children and reiterated to adults through team sports. Participants hold themselves to a "good sport" standard by not throwing tantrums during a loss and respecting the abilities of their competitors. They also exercise the ability to empathize with other competitors who may not be as successful and refrain from becoming boastful after a win.

Improves strategic thinking, motor skills, and problem-solving skills

As students play the sport, they would start developing different strategies to figure out the best way to move together as a team and figure out the best way to score a goal against the opponents.

Builds fitness.

  • Often students are on the move and require changes in their positioning when attacking and defending. Therefore, they do many twisting, turning, and throwing, which is all core-driven muscles.
  • Water polo is a high-paced game that requires students to sprint from one end to another, which is essentially doing interval training. They can end up swimming of upwards of 3 kilometers on average in a game.
  • It is also easy on the joints as the water place less strain on the joints and the muscle, preventing general aches and pains associated with traditional fitness.

Simply Fun

It may sound like a plain and simple sport. But it is tremendously fun. To some, they might find it tedious and tiring to chase back and forth for the ball. The game adds another element to the sport of swimming and makes it less dull compared to swimming laps daily.

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