Toddlers Aquatic Preparation

Water Familiarization an important program in the Toddlers Aquatic Preparation stage.

The Toddlers Aquatic Preparation (TAP) swimming program: 30 to 42 months

The Preschoolers at this age group have boundless energy and vivid imagination; they love to chat, sing, and play games; motivation and encouragement are the keys to their learning.

Without the parents’ involvement at this age group, the children are placed in a group class, allow peers interaction, and demonstrating their talent learned in the group, such as inclusive but not exhaustive to a skill like:

  • Ability to hold breath and exchange air
  • Buoyancy and floating in various body position
  • Arm and Leg movements

A friendly and enjoyable swim program encourages learning as the child has shown increase independence from parents and caregivers, willingness to take instruction from swim teacher, and respond to others with engagement in simple play.