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Teen & Adult Swimming Program

13 Years Old and Above


Are you signed up for an ironman trialthon? Or adding a swimming workout to your regular exercise routine? Or just learning to swim?

Swimming is an ideal way to keep yourself physically and mentally fit for everyone of all ages. .  Once you learn how to swim, you'll be able to enjoy a variety of benefits. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Swimming is a lifelong sport and entertainment which will bring health benefits to you for a lifetime. It's also relaxing; Swimming  can relieve your stress and calm your nerves.

You deserve some help to get the best results

  • If you can already swim but wish to correct or improve your swimming techniques, we can also customize a programme to help you attain your goals quickly and efficiently.
  • If you are new to swimming, our proprietary teaching modules will transform you from a non-swimmer to a confident swimmer with correct techniques
  • At your convenience, you will swim in the 50m Olympic pool, where the swimming pools are segmented with lane lines to disperse waves and calm the water. Its spacious changing rooms are equipped with hot showers.

How and where do you start?

Whether it is swimming laps for cardiovascular exercise, or a high intensity interval training for the trialthon and other races or if you are new to swimming, we will cater to all your needs through a series of assessment and put together a plan to reach your goals. This saves you much time, skipping the mistakes that are a part of trial and error programs.

It is never too late to learn to swim as an adult and our friendly, patient instructors make all learners feel comfortable and welcome so they can completely enjoy the experience of learning to swim as an adult.


Click on the REGISTER link below to find out more about SPEEDISWIM Teen & Adult swimming classes that we offer, and also other available services in different age groups.

SpeediSwim Levels

Level 1: Beginners

This stage caters to novices with little or no prior swimming ability. WE introduce all swimmers to water familiarization, posture streamlining,  breathing techniques. This would help you to experience what it is like to float and breathe underwater.

Next, is Introduction to basic kicks first such as freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke , After learning how to kick, you will then  proceed on to learn how to swim the strokes - Freestyle and Breaststroke using the correct arm stroke for the respective strokes

As a  beginner these skills will help you  to enjoy swimming and develop deep water confident  as part of water survival skills.

Level 2: Intermediate

This stage caters to swimmers advancing in their swimming ability towards swimming Backstroke and Butterfly, grooming to become a four (4) competitive strokes swimmer.

Surface dive and swimming underwater add challenges to the swimmer’s skill set as a highly competent swimmer

Level 3: Advanced

This stage caters to the competent swimmer, ready to learn the Start and Turn of each stroke, swimming an Individual Medley (IM) with good stroke technique. The Teen and Adult swimmer also encourages participating in swimming competitions of less competitive, as part of personal achievement

Benefits Of Adults swimming

Builds body strenght

You’ll see your overall strength improve hugely when you swim regularly. However, by taking swimming lessons you’ll see your strength improve even faster. That’s because lessons focus on improving how you swim and push you to improve your speed and power. This will take your strength levels up more quickly than if you were swimming alone.

Swimming is a good way to achieve a high heart rate. It can be fairly strenuous, and different strokes burn calories at different rates, allowing you to scale up and down during a workout. swimming is one of the best exercise for weight loss as well

Learning Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke

After learning the basics of leg kicking, arm stroke, body position, and breathing technique, they would then proceed onto coordinating all four of these things together and learn how to swim using the techniques taught by our coaches. this improve your swimming technique and body positioning.

Mental Health Benefits

In the swimming pool, there are no mobile phones, no social media, and barely any talking. That makes it a great space to take a break from the outside world, be with your own thoughts and connect with your body. For mental health, this can be exceptionally beneficial.

Swimming lessons add even more mental health benefits to the act of swimming alone. By turning up every week to practice your strokes in a focused and distraction-free space, the act of practicing with a purpose starts to become similar to meditation.

A lifelong healthy activity

The benefits of swimming everyday, whether swimming laps in a pool or getting out on a lake or other water body . But even if its just an occasional form of exercise, the great thing about swimming is that it is a lifelong activity. It requires no special equipment, and if you have access to a pool you can swim all year round.  Swimming remains a good exercise choice for people of a wide age range.

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