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School Holiday Enrichment Program


If you are planning for  fun, enjoyable and meaningful activities for your child, when school’s out for the holidays and  you would like your child to join our learn to swim program  You would like to consider enrolling your child to the Speediswim Holiday Enrichment Program.

We understand that not everyone can attend weekly swimming lessons, with busy schedules, other sports and activities, hence speediswim has designed the holiday enrichment program, offereing variuos aquatic sports tryouts - Artistic Swimming, Water Polo, Underwater Hockey. Also SpeediSwim offers swim classes like  swim safer  program and learn life saving techniques for water rescue during the holidays.

And of course, for those who are unable to swim and wish to catch up with their friends, we have prepared intensive learn-to-swim classes, these swimming lessons are a great way to improve your child’s swimming skills, and we often see a significant improvement in progression as repetition is key.

Also if you’ve been struggling with a particular stroke or just want to keep up your swimming technique over the break, we have swimming programs over the school holidays that can help in correcting and improving your swimming techniques designed by our experienced Lead Coaches.

These lessons are definitely a fun way to relax and learn some useful skills, before the school bell starts ringing again.

Click on the REGISTER link below to find out more about SPEEDISWIM Holiday enrichment programs  that we offer, and also other available services in different age groups.

Holiday Enrichment Programs

Artistic Swimming

Artistic Swimming was once referred to as 'water ballet.' This is because the routines are simply a sequence of athletic movements choreographed to a piece of music. It is similar to staged ballet, except that it is performed in water.

 Training sessions at Speediswim are devoted to working on “figures” (also known as moves), it is the set of body positions and transition movement which form the basis of artistic swimming. 


Please refer to the Artistic Swimming page in our website for further information

Water Polo

Water Polo is a team sport within the swimming pool. Much like soccer, players score by putting the ball into the goal. Players have to constantly swim and tread water throughout the duration of the game, keeping their heads above water in order to watch the game progress.

Our team of  coaches teach with a firm – yet nurturing – way. Every lesson with Speediswim provides an extensive physical workout, which aims in building the child's strength, flexibility, and coordination, furthermore enhancing your child's cognitive capabilities.

Please refer to the Water Polo page in our website for further information

Underwater Hockey (UWH)

Underwater hockey, is a fast-paced sport played by two teams of up to ten players. Six players in each team are in play at any one time. The remaining four players are continually substituted into play.

Big, strong brutes have no advantage over ladies in this game, so mixed teams of boys, girls, men, and women can play against each other.

Please refer to the Underwater Hockey page in our website for further information


Keeps kids busy and active

In today's age and time ,mobile phone with social media have taken control , screens can have their place and time, but its important to have  positive benefits of getting kids active – and not just physical benefits. Regular activity in kids also have psychosocial and cognitive health effects.

Builds confidence in the water

Swimming programs are great for building a child’s confidence in the water. There is something about knowing your kid is capable in the water that makes a parent confident as well. Plus, these swimming programs reinforce swim safety awareness in and around water. And no matter what time of year, kids are always in and around water which is why regular swimming lessons and intensive programs are important to keep the little ones water-wise and confident in and out of the water all year round.

Learning a new sport

It's Going to be Fun

Swimming is a hugely enjoyable and relaxing experience. Water play is something that you can enjoy too. Bonding with your child in the water is a great way to share an exciting and valuable life experience. You’re also helping to create positive childhood memories they will always carry with them.


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