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No measure can ever guarantee that children are safe in, on and around water. Children can and do find ways over fences, and even those who have had swimming lessons can still drown. For this reason the SwimSAFER Program promotes the application of various levels to protect children from drowning.

The School Enrichment program follows a comprehensive MOE curriculum on Swim Safer 2.0 programme.  Swimming is one of the key learning areas in the Physical Education syllabus and all primary schools leverage on the SwimSafer programme by SportSG to equip students with basic swimming and water survival skills. Furthermore, water safety and water survival skills are essential for a child’s  safety.And to raise awareness of water safety and the standard of swimming proficiency, the National Water Safety Council (NWSC) developed the SwimSafer program. Schools and institutions in Singapore recognize these NWSC certifications for water-related sports, such as kayaking and scuba diving.

The SwimSafer™ 2.0 programme aims to teach swimming proficiency and water survival skills to children to minimize drowning incidences in a fun manner. The six-stage programme includes survival and activity skills taught each stage of the programme, and work progressively towards the next stage. At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion e-certificate.

Specific details of each stage can be found at  https://www.myactivesg.com/Programmes/Swim-Safer-Programme-For-Children


The programme has been suspended  due to COVID, the 2020 cohort is still in the process of resuming their SwimSafer programme.

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(Source - MOE, myactivesg)

Enrichment programs


The objective is develop confidence and independence in the water, learn general and deep-end water safety. Techniques taught include the forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit and personal water safety.

General skill development including unassisted step entry into water, sculling, feet first surface dives, personal water safety skills as well as water safety in aquatic environments. Goal is to achieve 25 metres of continuous swimming.

Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) Swimming

Swimming can be taught at any age but can be learned much faster and easier when taught at a younger age. As the brain of young children is still developing, they grasp more knowledge faster than when they get older. From overcoming the fear of water to becoming a strong swimmer, SpeediSwim takes children through a series of lessons to build up skills and confidence, helping them understand safety and discover their aquatic potential.

Speediswim offers swim levels - 1 to 7, with all the different strokes, techniques and skills

Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) Aquatic Sports

We understand that not everyone can attend weekly swimming lessons, with busy schedules, other sports and activities, hence speediswim has designed the  Enrichment programs, offering various Aquatic Sports tryouts - Artistic Swimming, Water Polo, Underwater Hockey.


Gains Water Confidence

We know kids can be a bit worried about the water & new experiences. Being able to swim well is one of the greatest gifts that can be bestowed upon a child .  A high level of swimming and water safety skills are necessary for full and is enjoyable .

Water Safety and basics of water skills will help kids to overcome their fears, respect the water, learn to swim, & have loads of fun while doing it.

Swimming provides challenges and rewards accomplishments, which helps children to become self-confident and believe in their abilities

Learn Fundamental Water Skills

Children will Gain confidence through various water skills they learn which include and lead into safe entries and exits,breath control, submersions, floating, propulsion with arms and legs and backfloating.

Obtain proficiency in Rescue and Life Saving Readiness

Drowning remains the top cause of injury-related death among children aging 1-4 years & the 2nd leading cause of death for kids between 5-14 years. And while prevention of drowning needs layers of protection, swimming lessons have been proven to reduce the drowning risk by nearly 88%!

At speediswim, kids will learn water safety- basics of Rescue and life saving Techniques, preparing them for better safety for the future.


Health Benefits

Swimming is lots of fun for children, who especially love getting in the water and enjoying themselves.

But it is not just fun, swimming also provides loads of health benefits which can help to keep your children healthy and happy at the same time. Swimming keeps your child’s heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture


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