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Children Learn To Swim (CLTS) swimming program

42 months old and above


Swimming can be taught at any age but can be learned much faster and easier when taught at a younger age. As the brain of young children is still developing, they grasp more knowledge faster than when they get older. From overcoming the fear of water to becoming a strong swimmer, SpeediSwim takes children through a series of lessons to build up skills and confidence, helping them understand safety and discover their aquatic potential. It is important to remember that every child learns at their own individual pace. Learning to swim is not a race in itself

Swimming is one of the most popular extra-curricular activities that children enjoy. Going to swimming lessons  is a great way for children to learn water safety and physical exercise, which provides a workout for the whole body. Swimming is fun, and learning to swim early will reduce a child's fear of water, when they overcome these fears, kids benefit from developing confidence in their swimming ability and will feel more comfortable and enjoy themselves in the water, making pools and beaches a less stressful environment.

Speediswim  has an elaborate Learn To  Swim program that will make sure they have all the required skills they need to succeed to the next level and eventually help in preparing the young swimmers for the competitive world of swimming. Children thrive on learning new skills. But learning to swim is not a race, your child can learn at their own pace.

How and where do you start?

  • Every lesson with Speediswim provides an extensive physical workout, which aims in building the child's strength, flexibility, and coordination, furthermore enhancing your child's cognitive capabilities.
  • Our team of  experienced coaches teach with a firm – yet nurturing – way.
  • There are two swimming pools - an olympic size pool and a fun pool, catering for all level of swimming

Have you been looking for the best swimming school for your kids around you? Well, Speediswim can help you with that!


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SpeediSwim Levels

Level 1: Water Confidence & Familiarization

At Level 1, Building up water confidence within children is an essential step towards learning swimming. Children will learn how to float, kick, breathe underwater, learn about water safety, and build confidence in the swimming pool.


Level 2: Kicks Fundamental

At level 2, students will learn how to do the 4 main basic kicks which are, Freestyle Kick, Backstroke Kick, Breaststroke Kick, and lastly Dolphin Kick. They will also learn how to do a survival kick which is a survival backstroke kick.

Level 3: Front-crawl (Freestyle) stroke development

At level 3, students would start to develop the basic mechanics of swimming by learning how to swim freestyle. While cultivating their swimming technique, they will start to use the competition pool more as they develop the way to swim freestyle. At Speediswim, we offer the children to take the ActiveSG SwimSafer Stage 1 award if they meet the requirement.

Level 4: Backstroke stroke development

At Level 4, students will learn the basics of how to swim their backstroke while further improving their freestyle which was previously learned at level 3. Students will also get a refresher on how to do their breaststroke kick properly before being promoted to Level 5. At Speediswim, we offer the children to take the ActiveSG SwimSafer stage 2 award if they meet the requirements.

Level 5: Breaststroke Stroke Development

At level 5, students would learn the basics of how to swim their breaststroke while further improving both their freestyle and backstroke which was previously learned at level 4. Students will also learn how to do their dolphin kick too before progressing up to level 6. At Speediswim, we offer children to take the ActiveSG SwimSafer 3 award if they meet the requirements.

Level 6: Butterfly Stroke Development

At level 6, students would learn how to swim butterfly while further improving their freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke which was previously learned at Level 5. Students would train and refine their strokes at this level to swim faster with more precise strokes and build up stamina for level 7. At Speediswim, we offer children to take the Active SG Swimsafer Bronze award if they meet the requirements.

Level 7: Individual Medley with Starts and Turns

At Level 7, students who have learned all their strokes from level 6 will learn how to swim I.M. (Individual Medley). I.M is a combination of all 4 strokes starting with Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and ending off with Freestyle. After learning it, they would start to build up more stamina and strength and prepare themselves for the next level which is the pre-competitive squad. At Speediswim, we offer children to take the Active SG Swimsafer Silver / Gold award if they meet the requirements.

Benefits of Learn To Swim Program

Survival Skill

Drowning is one of the leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. At speediswim, we focus on  helping kids learn how to be safer in and around the water.  Water can be fun, but you should be aware of potential hazards. 

Swimmers must be aware of possible hazards in various aquatic settings. Understanding what constitutes healthy, respectful behavior around water can help to ensure everyone's enjoyment and protection.

Improves Social Skills

When children are in the water together they form a bond that is based on trust and fun. Socialisation skills are enhanced through the various games and activities. At Speedi swimming lessons, children learn to relate with each other and may even develop their first friendships. They learn early on how to treat their friends in the water and interact safely while enjoying themselves. It can also be a great way for you to meet and socialise with other parents.

Improves children's strategic thinking and motor skills

Regular swimming lessons assist the development of gross motor skills, coordination and the left and right sides of the brain. Because swimming is an ambidextrous activity, it is thought to boost to language development and help children learn to read and write. They learn to take pride in each achievement and strive for new goals according to their abilities. Swimming helps children learn to set goals, and to work towards achieving these goals.

Swimming is great for overall Heath

There are huge physical benefits to swimming, such as the full-body cardiovascular and respiratory workout. This develops a child’s stamina, flexibility and muscle strength using the water as resistance—and also builds their concentration. Children who swim tend to be stronger and more coordinated. The sensory experience of being in water is both relaxing and enjoyable for children and stimulates their senses.

Swimming is FUN and enjoyable!!

Swimming is a hugely enjoyable and relaxing experience. Water play is something that you can enjoy too. Bonding with your child in the water is a great way to share an exciting and valuable life experience. You’re also helping to create positive childhood memories they will always carry with them.

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