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SpeediSwim @ Singapore Sports School

Learn To Swim Not Affected by Rain or Shine

SPEEDISWIM returned to her home ground in 2020 after a brief departure of 2 years. Before this, SPEEDISWIM operated in Singapore Sports School (SSP) for 12 years, building many great athletes in collaborations with SSP.

Singapore Sports School is located at Woodlands South, easily accessible with the new Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). We provide Learn to Swim, Competitive Swimming, and Artistic swimming in this venue.

Programmes available
Learn to Swim
Competitive Swimming
Artistic Swimming
Swimsafer programme for schools

SPEEDISWIM Services Offered
@ Singapore Sports School

Precinct Features

Cool & Relaxing Environment

Water recreation is fun but it is Dangerous, too. Thus, providing a safe learning environment is important where water activities is concerned. Children and Adult needs to feel safe in order to learn well.

Variety of activities and programmes

Blended Learning approach combines pool session, with the use of technology to enhance skill practice; and, online learning encompass ZOOM session or with materials to reinforce skill set learnt.

Learner Pool with Safe Depth and Accessibility

Learner pool with safe depth and accessibility ideal for very young children, and, people with disabilities to learn swimming confidently.

Participate in Swim Meets

Get the opportunity to race in Swim Meets of different levels and abilities when you enroll in our Competitive Swimming Squad Programme.

Getting Here By Public Transport


Alight at Woodlands South MRT and head towards Woodlands South Gate 4 exit


Walk up the hill and turn right to follow the bend around Christ Church Secondary School and continue to walk straight until Singapore Sports School is in sight on your left side


Walk towards the guardhouse of Singapore Sports School and you have arrived at your destination

Getting Here By Private Transport


By Taxi - The dropping point is right in front, through the front gate


From TPE/SLE: Exit at Woodlands Avenue 12, turn left on Woodlands Avenue 1, turn left on Woodlands Drive 17, turn left on Champions Way.


From BKE/SLE: Exit Woodlands Avenue 2, turn right on Woodlands Avenue 1, turn right on Champions Way, turn left on Woodlands Drive 17, turn right on Champions Way.

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