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Written by Siarhei Ivashyn on 8 January 2022

Creator of Analysis Swim

During the period of my sports career (11 years), I have worked and received a lot of help from many specialists in the field of sports who helped me achieve, first of all, my personal results.  It has always been interesting for me to analyse how this or that aspect is connected, which will help to change the tactics or technique of movement.  I participated in many tests that were conducted by specialists from the Scientific Institute of Sports.  Probably, already then, a desire to study and share my observations and experiences woke up in me.

 I find swimming a very interesting sport as there are many things that can improve your performance and help you to achieve your goals.  

Swimming is one of the sports that is interesting to study, because the body is in an unusual environment for us - in the water.


And at some point, I was overwhelmed with knowledge, and I decided why not transfer all this into a book.

But since technology nowadays allows us to use videos and pictures for display, text, and chats for conversation. That’s why I have created my own website where I share many aspects about swimming.


On my website Analysis Swim, we analyse how you can easily convey information to children and coaches.  Since coaches often face difficulties in explaining to children how to do this or that element in swimming, one of the ways is to show it visually, and so that they try it themselves.


 In addition to swimming styles, we have:

 Observation of the drills and kinematic of swimming for all 4 strokes:

Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Start and Turn.

 Video Swimming Analysis:

Swim stroke analysis, Start and turn analysis, Swimming race analysis

 Timing: Daily training set, Personal Best, Workout zones.


All of these elements help Coaches and athletes to work better as a team, achieve better results and improve technique.


Do not be afraid to bring something new to your work, no matter what level of coach or athlete you are. 


I have been in the field of sports for more than 20 years (8 as an athlete and 12 as a coach) and I am ready to learn, to receive and share great knowledge.



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Article written by Siarhei Ivashyn

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