Teens and Adult Swim Lesson

If you are worried about your swimming abilities, sign up SPEEDI Teens and Adult swimming lesson today!

Statistically, many adults cannot swim because they never have the opportunity or are so afraid of the water they have not tried. While Adults can swim a very short distance, they lack confidence as they merely learn the swimming skill by themselves, without a good knowledge of the fundamentals.

Unlike most exercises, swimming is a great sport but potentially quite a dangerous sport or activity if you have never done it before or know how to swim.

Swimming lesson is not just for children. Learning proper swimming techniques allows you to swim well with both distance and speed; it can save lives and give you a good workout as a form of exercise.

In SPEEDI Teens and Adult swimming lesson, the mastery of swim strokes conduct in the sequence of Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly. Emphasis on basic skills such as Breathing, Streamline Action, Long Pulling Strokes is the essence of achieving good swimming technique. Our swim teacher will guide the adult swimmer on achieving stroke efficiency, making swimming more enjoyable and effortless,

Level 1: Beginners

This stage caters to novice with little or no prior swimming ability. Introduce Freestyle and Breaststroke to the beginner to enjoy swimming and deep water confident activities as part of water survival skills.

Level 2: Intermediate

This stage caters to swimmers advancing in their swimming ability towards swimming a Backstroke and Butterfly, grooming to become a four (4) competitive strokes swimmer. Surface dive and swimming underwater add challenges to the swimmer’s skill set as a highly competent swimmer

Level 3: Advanced

This stage caters to the competent swimmer, ready to learn the Start and Turn of each stroke, swimming an Individual Medley (IM) with good stroke technique. The Teen and Adult swimmer also encourages participating in swimming competitions of less competitive, as part of personal achievement

Confidence is a crucial part of learning to swim. Having a swim teacher as expert guidance while swimming alongside other swimmers, be it non-swimmers or swimmers of different abilities, is the best way to build the skills, exercise to keep fit, and have fun in the water.