Children Swim Lesson

The Children Learn To Swim (CLTS) swimming program: 42 months and above.

Most children at this age develop language and cognition very rapidly, increase reasoning and logic, interpret things literally and become creative as they get older. Attention span increases as the child matured.

Learning goes very well from this age onward as children enjoy participation and acceptance by others following simple, reasonable rules and requests.

A progressive and structured Learn To Swim program benefits a child by progressing him or her to the next higher level group with more challenges in the syllabus and guided by the swim teacher. Every swim teacher can inspire water confidence by using positive reinforcement of skills, managing the individual trust, and giving correct and efficient assistance to the swimmer to achieve performance.

SPEEDISWIM Learn To Swim (LTS) progressive develop her student towards a six (6) strokes swimmer (4 Competitive Strokes and 2 Survival Strokes) as they journey through their learning pathway. The SPEEDI LTS levels are:

  1. Water Confident and Familiarization
  2. Kicks Fundamental
  3. Front-crawl (Freestyle) stroke development
  4. Backstroke stroke development
  5. Breaststroke stroke development
  6. Butterfly stroke development
  7. Individual Medley with Starts and Turns

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