Wearing of Swim Goggle

Is wearing a Swimming Goggle a skill or technique we need to learn?

As Swim Teachers, we might have observed parents spend quite an amount of time trying to fit on the swim goggles for their children before they get inside the pool, and many times, complaints received from swimmers saying water keeps getting inside their swimming goggles. Or, have you come across swimmer plunge inside the swimming pool and ended up with their Goggles hanging on their face or neck, instead of sealing at the eyes area.

Everyone knows that swimming goggles provide the swimmer with good visibility and comfort when submerging their face inside the pool; however, it makes life more miserable wearing it if you do not wear it correctly. So, let us learn how to wear them the proper way for maximum efficiency.


In 4 simple short steps, I will guide you on fitting the Goggles correctly to increase swim practice enjoyment.


Step 1:

Adjust the Swimming Goggles head strap and nose bridge to ensure it is comfortable to wear

The Head strap must not be too loose as it will not hold the goggles well on the head, and water might get inside the goggles. On the other hand, do not shorten the goggles strap too much as it cause discomfort when wearing it. The nose bridge chosen must not be too wide unless you have a sharp and broad nose. Do choose the nose bridge’s correct size to ensure the Goggles’ lenses fit the eye area nicely. The nose bridge has either adjustable or non-adjustable type depending on the swim goggles design.

Step 2:

Suction of Swim Goggle eye socket is working.

You can test suction by pressing the eye socket against the face, where suction must occur against the eyes if the nose bridge has adjusted correctly. The swimming goggles should able to “stick” to the face without using the head strap. Otherwise, it means the width and frame did not match the user’s face, or the casket material is not in good working condition since it cannot create a suction effect against the eyes.

Step 3:

Wearing the Swimming Goggles strap from front to back.

Wearing of the Goggles should be done by pressing the lens against the face; and, pull over the goggle strap towards the back of the head at an angle of 45-degree, upward. The Goggle should now fit well and not be too tight, without gaps between the gasket and the eyes.


Step 4:

Open the eye with Goggles underwater.

At all times, swimmers should not close or blink their eyes underwater wearing the Goggles. Such action will cause a gap between the two surfaces, and water can slip in through the Goggle lens socket and trap inside the lens with the eyes reopened. The swimmer’s eyes should open at all times once the Goggle is worn to keep it at a watertight seal.

Key Pointer 1:

When not using the Goggles, keep it at the forehead.



Key Pointer 2:

Goggle straps secure at the crown of the head.

By following the above four (4) simple steps, swimming goggles should fit comfortably enough to create a suction seal and do not cause any pain or compression on the eyes, with ease of wearing it. Incorrectly wearing the Goggles lead results in “water leakage,” which potentially irritate the eyes and cause vision distortions, which affect learning or swim practise.