Recognise the importance of both Swimming and Water Safety is the first step towards the prevention of drowning risk and skills that may one day save an individual life.

Water sports and activities has always being a favourite pastime or leisure for many in especially families with children and the outdoor adventurers. Drowning incident in Singapore has on the rise, both fatal and non-fatal, which occur at both pools and open water environment.

Between 2011 and 2015, the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital treated 104 — or a yearly average of 20 cases of submersion injuries. Of the 104 cases, 10 children died; two are living with irreversible brain damage. A total of 69 drowning emergencies took place in private pools. The drowning statistic from SportSG recorded 41 drowning cases, of 39 deaths and 2 near-drowning. Out of 39 deaths, 25 accident involve swimmers of age 40 and above.

“Drowning risks for Singaporeans include not supervising children, not knowing the pool depth before swimming, swimmers pushing themselves to the limit when swimming, and swimming despite having a known medical condition,” said Ms Delphine Fong, Safety Management Director at Sport Singapore.

As such, Drowning incident can be prevented as reiterate by Ms Delphine, if one has done the right thing to ensure safety is observed.