Learning to Swim can be one of the most rewarding childhood experiences; after all, we were surrounded by water in the womb for nine months. Swimming is one of the best all-round exercises to improve health, with regular swimming help to:

  1. Improve our cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture, flexibility, and muscle tone. Swimming is a low-impact activity, reduces the risk of injury significantly.
  2. Better manage stress levels and ability to increase energy levels.
  3. Improve mood and wellbeing, as exercise releases endorphins which in turn make us feel happier.

Being able to swim well is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon a child, which provides Fun and Healthy water-based opportunities abound. For young children, the basic swimming and water safety skill include:

  1. Water familiarization, where small children explore and become comfortable in the water environments, develops respect for the water.
  2. Discovering confidence through various water activities, including learning how to Safe Entries and Exits, Breath Control, Submersion, Floating, Propulsion with Arms and Legs, Turning, and Back floating.
  3. Proper stroke development can efficiently cover a much greater distance of the pool and be safe around an aquatic environment.

Given the above benefits, SPEEDISWIM has carefully crafted her Swimming Program for Infant as young as 18 months to any age desired to swim.

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Parent-Infant Aquatic (PIA)


Toddlers Aquatic Preparation (TAP)