Mr. Philip Lee is an outstanding coach, very well qualified.He is able to impart swimming knowledge that is easy to understand.He teaches in steps according to your pace in learning. He adjusts accordingly.He teaches so I could achieve muscle memory to execute the strokes to achieve good level of effectiveness and efficiency in water.He is very patient and pushes in a positive motivating way when needed.Philip is the best coach for any one who is keen to learn swimming or to improve your swim. He is a master in sports science and swimming. With these, he has imparted similar standards of quality in his school of coaches, some of the school’s coaches have worked together with him for years. Truly remarkable!
Adult LTS swimmer Bryan Loo
My 2 kids started being a part of the SPEEDI Swim school family 5 years ago. The coaches there are professional, patient and friendly. They will do their very best to coach my kids without fail & will provide feedback when necessary.All SPEEDI Swim staff were equally patient and professional. Ouida & Wanie are always patient with my requests to arrange make up classes for my kids when the situation arises. Even though the dates and timings were seemingly confusing at times, they both remained positive and patient with me no matter how busy they are.Even during this Covid situation, they worked very hard to plan for the online classes during the CB just to make sure our kids are continuously “working out” at home. Even after CB, they make sure that our kids abide to safe distancing etc etc so that classes can go on as usual.I’m very thankful for everyone at SPEEDI Swim school. My experience with them couldn’t have been this great without their dedication and professionalism. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Parents of Caitlin and Cayden
We have been with Speedi since 2017. Kid love the staff n coaches. That all mummy looked forward to. A happy child learns through an environment that he/she likes, best. With the new venue at orchid country club, mummy get to enjoy the pool with the kid after class, happy mama, happy kid.
Parents of Merrily
Started in 2019, February. Motive is to learn frontcrawl Swimming as I had an imbalanced hip to do breaststroke.My coach is Siarhei. He is a great coach as he knew how to guide me without doing too much.😊As I kept going overseas now and then, my improvement took time. But he was always patient, cheerful and gave me practice to my ability. Luckily I stuck on, I can do front crawl now which was actually a near impossible after years of swimming breaststroke.After the COVID lockdown was lifted, coach Philip came into the picture who seems to have a great knack in fine tuning my strokes. He is very alert ,systematic and full of humour. Lots of technical knowledge 😊Highly recommend SPEEDISWIM for their great patience, cheerfulness and systematic approach in the art of swimming.👍🏼
Adult LTS swimmer Meerah
Amelia and Darius have been with Speediswim since 2016. They’ve given both of our kids precious lifelong gift of water proficiency and safety.  They even unlock my kids’ potential in competitive, building confidence and a strong personality.Thank you to all coaches Aziz, Derrick, Gin Yu, and Oggar. Ever patient individuals, equipped with competency in imparting their skills. My kids enjoyed their lessons.
Parents of Amelia and Darius